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Here at Spotter, I am constantly looking for new ways to streamline work processes, app user flows or ads, to name but a few.

For this reason, I try out apps, read blog posts and look out for ads that stand out. Whenever I stumble across amazingly-done user flows, or beautifully-created illustrations, posts or ads, I take a screenshot of them, to keep as a source of inspiration and a reminder.

It’s fair to say, screenshots are priceless to us.

Screenshot, where did you go?

For years (before we built Spotter), the challenge that I had with screenshots was that once I had taken them, they piled up on my Desktop until either I forgot about them or deleted them; or until I bulk organised them—at some stage—mostly just stuffing them into folders, and creating file duplicates and chaos in the process.

Organizing and tracking screenshots really sucked the energy out of me, which meant I only organised them half-heartedly; and  organizing anything half-heartedly is the same as not organizing it at all. You end up never finding anything again.

Increasing your odds by 10x

You probably know that feeling: when you are working on something and remember that, once, you came across a super-good example that could really help you right now . . . and you remember that you took a screenshot or video of it, but just can’t find it anymore!

If you are like me, you probably also can´t stop thinking about it, until you actually find it  . . . battling the odds of finding a needle in haystack.

Spotter is not another copy-of-a-copy of an ancient digital asset management software; examples of which you can find plenty of out there. Instead, we have re-invented the idea and adapted it to today’s work habits.

My co-founder, Aron, and I started Spotter because we couldn’t find any hassle-free media file management software ( taming our exploding marketing content chaos) which reflected the needs of our times and which was actually simple and fun to use.

Spotter was built to help companies and teams organise and track their ever-growing number of marketing photos, videos and creative files.

axel besinger

Although Spotter was first built to help companies and teams organise and track their ever-growing number of marketing photos, videos and creative files, it has turned out to be extremely valuable for taking care of screenshots as well.

Start tracking screenshots whole-heartedly

In order to be able to find specific screenshots, they first need to be organised. In order for you to organise them whole-heartedly, the workflow to do this needs to be sufficiently simple, convenient and automated.

For this reason, we have turned the ‘regular’ manner of organizing content upside down and have got rid of everything that limits your ability to keep media assets organised and searchable.

We have removed the traditional folder logic, as it’s the #1 cause of file duplicates, and have replaced it with flexible (yet proven) category and keyword logic.

We also invented a new kind of drag & drop tagging logic as well as a search bar that makes organising and tracking content a breeze.

How do we organise and track screenshots @Spotter?

Firstly, we setup categories in Spotter. One such category is called ‘Example’ and it contains values, such as Posts, Ads, Features, Webinars. Another category is called ‘Source’ and contains values such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Third Party Solutions.

So now, whenever I take screenshots, I simply select the correct category, using our unique search bar…

…and then Drag & Drop the new screenshot, from the Desktop into Spotter.

Boom! Your source of inspiration has been added and organised in the blink of an eye.

Additionally, if I want to be even more granular and to add more contexts; I can apply single tags—such as ‘Smile’ and/or ‘Rain’ and/or ‘People’— either manually or automatically, via our AI add-ons.


From now on, you and your team need never again fight the odds of finding the needle in the haystack. Instead, you have one central location, full of knowledge, at your team fingertips.

If organizing and tracking  screenshots feels like hard work to you, give Spotter a try. It is free and will make your search for screenshots hassle-free.

Talk to you soon,

Founder & MD @Spotter

Axel Besinger

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